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Welcome to the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce

The Hispanic Chamber of Commerce of the Lehigh Valley is organized for the purpose of advancing the commercial, industrial and professional interests of all our Members, Hispanic and Non Hispanic, and the Greater Lehigh Valley Community as a whole.

Our Guiding Principles
To accomplish our mission, we focus on three guiding principles:

  • Advocacy
  • Business Development
  • Community Development

ADVOCACY- To assist in developing an economic development agenda for the Hispanic and Greater Lehigh Valley Business Community as a whole and to promote that agenda both in the public as well as the private sectors.

BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT - To provide access to networking opportunities, capability enhancing training and business enhancing resources to our members while assisting our Corporate Sponsors in reaching the Hispanic business community.

COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT - To promote entrepreneurship and self sustainability within the Hispanic community. To increase the levels of understanding between our Lehigh Valley Hispanic and non-Hispanic business communities through the arts and through cultural introductions and exchanges.


March 01, 2013
- Joining in the celebration of International Women’s Day, the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce will hold its well-known “Minority Women in the Professions and Business” Panel on Thursday, March 7th at the Hotel Bethlehem.

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